Patio Sealer and Floor Paint 9 inch Application Kit STD49713

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Patio Sealer and Floor Paint 9 inch Application Kit

Product Option STD49713

Quality patio sealer and floor paint application kit that contains 2 x industrial solvent resistant 9 inch roller sleeves, it also contains a telescopic roller pole that can be used completely closed or extended to multiple lengths, the cage of the roller can be used with all standard 9 inch roller sleeves with 1 3/4 inch centre so can be used for decorating around the house as well.

the kit also contains a 15 litre paint scuttle this is by far the easiest and safest way to use paints and sealers the scuttle preventing the contents from being splashed over the side something that happens a lot with standard roller trays.

The application kit also comes with a standard multi use 4 inch brush with 3/4 length bristles for ease.

Kit includes.

2 x 9 inch quality Woven roller sleeves industrial grade.

1 x 15 litre paint scuttle.

1 x 9 inch telescopic roller handle.

1 x 4 inch paint brush.

Suitable for applying most types of patio sealers, water seals, cold applied roof coatings and floor paints.

Please note that the roller sleeves are solvent resistant more Industrial Roller Sleeves are available separately.

Also Available is a Double Arm 12 inch Application Kit

Reference Code std49713

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