Building Products

If you are planning to start a major new construction project you will need a variety of equipment and materials to get started and then throughout each stage of the build. In this category, you will find all of the materials that you will need including add mixtures and cement colourant, cement and plaster for interior and exterior work, damp proof membranes, fence post spikes and shoes for gardening work, flashing tape used on roofing projects, and general mixed building products that will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have been supplying a variety of high-quality building and construction equipment, tools and accessories for many years. We source the highest quality products from brands that are well known in the industry and we want to deliver the very best to our customers. Much time and effort go into sourcing our suppliers so we can bring you exceptional quality products at an affordable price. To browse any of the products in this category, simply click on the corresponding tile and then browse through the various products that we currently have available. Each product has its own unique product page where you can read more information about the properties and how its used as well as view pricing information and add it to your basket for a quick and easy checkout. Your purchase is completed in a few simple steps.