Sika Water Seal Solvent Repellent & Protector 5 Litre SKWATSEAL5

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Sika Water SealSolvent Repellent 5 Litre

Product Option:SKWATSEAL5


Product Description:

Waterproof Solvent Based clear sealer formasonry protection against damp

rain and frost damage.

Gives protection for up-to 10 Years.

Water Seal Uses:

Protects brick, stone, concrete and masonryagainst rainwater penetration

Protects against frost damage.

Coverage Approx: 1 Litres Per 2.5 to4.5m Depending on porosity


Clear protection against rainpenetration

Effective for up to 10 years

For brick, stone and concrete

Aesthetic appearance of the substrate unchangedafter treatment



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Sika Water Seal MSDS Safety Data sheet

Sika Water Seal Technical Data sheet

Manufacturer Product Page

"Important Note this is a non returnableproduct

While in our care all products are kept in aclimate controlled store room.

We recommend storing this product out of directsunlight until used.

Option Text 5 Litre
Reference Code SKWATSEAL5
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