Everbuild 403 Concrete Hardener Dust Proofer 25 Litre CHDU25

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Trade Option 25 Litre Drum


Barcode: 5029347004361


25 Litre concentrated silicate solution for direct application to concrete.

Hardens and dustproofs the surface silicate resins to both harden and dustproof new and old concrete floors for both internal and external use.

It reacts chemically with the lime content of concrete to form a hard-wearing surface.


Internal and external use.

Fast acting.

Leaves a residual surface to prevent further dusting.

Helps prevent bloom efflorescence.

Areas For Use:

As a dustproofer for new and old concrete cement based floors, screeds and paving in factories, garages and domestic dwellings.

Approximate Coverage:

1 Litre will cover approx 5 meters square depending on surface and porosity

Apply a second coat after 24 hours

CHDU25 Documents:

Everbuild 403 Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild 403 MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild 403 Concrete Hardener and Dustproofer DOP

Everbuild 403 Concrete Hardener Dustproofer Manufacturers page

Option Text 25 litre
Reference Code CHDU25
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Everbuild 403 Concrete Hardener Declaration of Performance Download Attachment
Everbuild 403 Concrete Hardener Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild 403 Concrete Hardener Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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