Sika Natural Stone Protector Sealer 5 Litre SKSTONE5

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Sika Natural StoneProtector Sealer 5 Litre

Product Option:SKSTONE5

Sika Code:410465



A water based sealer suitable for all forms ofnatural stone.

Sika Stone Protector Can be used internally orexternally.

Resist stains without changing the look of thesurface.

Suitable for use on natural stoneincluding:

Indian sandstone,




Product Uses:

Ideal for use on paths, patios, concrete andblock paving.

Protects from accidental spillages such as tea,coffee, wine and other foodstuffs.

Characteristics &Advantages:

Solvent free - no VOCs -non-flammable.

Dramatically improves waterresistance.

Totally invisible.

Does not alter the appearance of surface it isapplied to.

Suitable for Internal and externaluse.

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SKSTONE5 OfficialInformation:

Sika Natural Stone Protector Technical Data Sheet

Sika Natural Stone Protector Safety DataSheet

SikaNatural Stone Protector Manufacturer Product Page

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Option Text 410465
Reference Code SKSTONE5
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Sika_Stone_Protector_Safety_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
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