Sika Block Paving Seal Sealer 25 Litre SKBLOCKS25

Brand: Sika
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Sika Resin Block Paving Seal Sealer

Trade Option: 25 Litre


Barcode: 5055047206347

Enhancing Clear Driveway surface sealer for block paving.

Clear Resin that impregnates and seals block paving.

Sika Resin Block Paving Seal Sealer Resists Oil and diesel & improves overall appearance of the block paving.

Product Uses:

Vehicle and pedestrian areas

New and existing drives


Parking areas

Walkways and paths

Coverage - Usage Approximately 5 to 8 meters square per Litre

Advantages and Characteristics:

Trade 25 Litre cost effective option.

Simple and quick to apply.

Low odour.

Enhances appearance.

Easier to clean and maintain.

Resistant to oil and diesel spillages.



Sealer Application:

For new areas, remove all loose material by brush and or vacuum.

Ensure joints are filled with compacted kiln dried sand such as

Sika Setting Sand Narrow Joint Filler.

For existing areas, remove all oil grease & diesel stains.

Remove weeds, algae etc with a product like

Everbuild Patio Wizard.

Ensure all areas are completely dry before applying Sika Block Paving Seal.

Treating perimeter first apply the first coat by roller, spreading liberally and uniformly avoid leaving puddles.

Always ensure a wet edge is maintained to avoid a striping effect.

Apply the second coat at right angles to the first maximum of 24 hours between coats.

Allow at least 6 hours before pedestrian traffic and 24 hours for vehicle traffic.

Always do a small test before coating a complete area.

Approximate Consumption:

5 to 8 meters square per litre.

2nd coat will go much further than the first.

Official Sika Documentation

Sika Block Paving Sealer Technical Datasheet

Sika Block Paving Sealer Safety Data Sheet

Manufacturer page

Option Text 25 litre
Reference Code SKBLOCKS25
Colour Clear
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Sika Block Paving Seal Sealer MSDS Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Sika Block Paving Seal Sealer Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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