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Alpha Chem Polyurethane Wood Adhesive 5 Minute Glue

Barcode 5036684020756


Size 1000g

Alphachem 5min Glue 1000 gram Polyurethane Wood Adhesive a premium professional high quality, solvent free, polyurethane wood bonding adhesive, suitable for a wide range of internal and external applications where a rapid cure rate is required.

Has excellent weatherproof D4 bonding properties, gap filling, internal and external use and has excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

As well as bonding all common wood types hard, soft, exotic, painted, wood bonding wood to a wide range of substrates including all types of timber even engineered timber, Timber laminating and most metals.

Will also bond polystyrene, PU foam metal and glass wool and various plastics including PVC, also adheres to stone, concrete, brick and masonry.


  • Fast Rapid setting 5 minutes.
  • Large 1000g 1 litre tub
  • Exceptional bond strength to wood and most common building surfaces.
  • Internal and external use
  • Excellent weathering and aging properties.
  • Fully water proof to EN204 D4, including sea water.
  • Products foam slightly on application to fill small gaps and increase overall bond strength.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to temperatures within the range of ‐30 to +150 degree C.
  • Gap filling on uneven or imperfect joints.
  • In fact the rougher the surface of the joint the stronger the bond.
  • Coverage approximately 8 to 10 meters square per litre

Description and Uses

Alpha Chem from Cromar presents a high quality, solvent free, polyurethane wood bonding adhesive, suitable for a wide range of internal and external applications where a rapid cure rate is required.

This moisture curing product offers many benefits to the user especially when applying on large horizontal areas.

The glue is supplied in a 1000g bottle makes application even quicker and easier.

Areas For Use

  • Wood jointing in construction and manufacturing.
  • Window and door frame manufacture
  • Door manufacture
  • Furniture manufacture
  • Boat building
  • Construction of staircases and ladders
  • As a high quality insulation adhesive for foam glass wool fibre boarding.
  • For professional and DIY use.

How to use 5 Min Rapid Cure Adhesive

  • Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean, sound, dry and free from dust, grease or other contaminants.
  • Gloves must be worn prior to opening any of the packaging and during application.
  • Remove the cap off the bottle, cut the spout to the required size.
  • Dampen substrates before application taking care not to over wet.
  • Apply the adhesive to one surface only.
  • The amount of adhesive required will vary according to the porosity and smoothness of both substrates.
  • Recommended coating weight is 80 to 140g per meter square.
  • Assemble the substrates and place even pressure within five minutes of adhesive application.
  • Clamp until the adhesive is sufficiently cured to permit handling of the bonded item approximately 5 minutes.
  • Always replace the cap after use.
  • It will take 24 hours for full cure to be achieved, handling during this time should be kept to a minimum.
  • Uncured material can be cleaned off with Alpha Chem Grafters All Trades Wipes.
  • After full curing has taken place carefully use a sharp knife to trim back excess material.
  • Brown Beige in colour.


One of the substrates to be bonded must be porous permeable.

Read the label prior to use for essential health and safety information, Safety Data Sheet available to download in pdf form.

Generally Pu adhesives are not used to install Formica as the adhesive is an expanding adhesive.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure suitability for use.

Brand Alpha Chem
Manufacturer Cromar
Reference Code X2PU5MIN1
Type 5 minute cure Liquid Pu wood adhesive
Size 1000g
Quantity Singles
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Alpha Chem Polyurethane Wood Adhesive 5min 1000g Safety Data sheet Download Attachment
Alpha Chem Polyurethane Wood Adhesive 5min 1000g Technical Data sheet Download Attachment

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