Cromar Alpha Chem Grafters All Trades Wipes 100 Pack X6WIPE100

Brand: Alpha Chem
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Cromar Alpha Chem Grafters All Trades Wipes 100 Pack


Barcode 5036684020060

Alpha Chem wipes are specially formulated for the building and cleaning trades tub of 100 wipes

Alphachem GRAFTERS All Trades Wipes have been specifically formulated for cleaning Sealants, Adhesives, Semi‐Cured Paints, Polyurethanes, Expanding Foams, Polyester Fillers and Epoxy Glues from hands as well as tools and other smooth surfaces.

Safe in use when cleaning hands, uncured sealant from tools and material as well as PU-foam, paint etc.

General surface cleaning of dirty working tables and surfaces in the workplace and at home.

for use on smooth surfaces not on porous substrates like untreated wood.

Cromar Alpha Chem wipes are the ideal cleaning aid for all trades and to make sure that your hands are looked after even during the most arduous jobs, Aloe Vera, an effective moisturiser, has been added to the powerful cleaning formula, the powerful cleaning agents are still kind to hands, there is no need to rinse hands after use.

GRAFTERS All Trades Wipes are dermatologically tested and have been tested against E‐Coli, Listeria, MRSA and Salmonella.

Cleans wet and semi-cured paints, sealants, adhesives, bitumen, polyurethanes, expanding foams, polyester fillers and epoxies from hands, tools and surfaces.

Not for use on non-colour fast surfaces, test a small hidden area first if in doubt.


  1. Remove lid from container and peel off the foil seal from this point the wipes should be stored upright.
  2. Thread the wipes from the middle of the roll and through the opening in the lid.
  3. Replace the lid and you are ready to use GRAFTERS All Trades Wipes.
  4. Use the wipes as required, always making sure to re‐seal the lid once finished and keep the wipes upright to prevent the wipes drying out.

Video DemonstrationFrome The Guys at Alphachem

Alpha Chem Wipes have a shelf life of 36 months from date of manufacture with foil intact once opened use within 12 months for best results.

Brand Alpha Chem Alphachem
Manufacturer Cromar
Reference Code X6WIPE100
Type Wet All Trades Cleaning Wipes
Number of Parts 100 wipes
Name Link
Cromar Alpha Chem Grafters All Trades Wipes Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Cromar Alpha Chem Grafters All Trades Wipes Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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