Alpha Chem D3 All Trades Wood Adhesive 5 Litre Cromar X2WA5

Brand: Alpha Chem
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Alpha Chem D3 All Trades Internal External Wood Adhesive 5 litre

Barcode 5036684020954


Cromar Alpha Chem Trade Size 5 Litre, white wood glue dries clear a Medium viscosity, resin based polymer Wood Adhesive which exceeds the water resistance requirements of EN204 D3 Class.

Alpha Chem D3 Wood Adhesive is an easy to use water resistant adhesive that bonds wood together to form a permanent, high strength inseparable and impact resistant joint.

The superior quality formula sets quickly, in just 10 minutes and is perfect for all interior and exterior general woodworking, joinery uses, household and DIY use as well as furniture assembly.

All Trades D3 Wood Glue Main Benefits

5 Litre Bottle for larger users

D3 Grade water resistant adhesive

Excellent rate of bond strength development.

Joints may be subject to short term water contact or exposure to high humidity.

Interior and exterior use.

Quick setting in just 10 minute's

Dries clear.

Water based.

Environmentally friendly.

Easy clean up.

Suitable for radio frequency cure.

Perfect for all interior and exterior general woodworking.

Joinery uses household and DIY use as well as furniture assembly.

Conforms to EN 204 D3 and BSEN 14256 for creep resistance.

Applies white, dries clear.


  1. Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean, sound, dry and free from dust, grease or other contaminants.
  2. Apply an even, thin film of D3 Wood Adhesive to both surfaces, taking care not to over apply.
  3. Clamp surfaces together until fully cured (dries off in 1-2 hours, full cure at 8 hours dependent on temperature.
  4. If applying when fitting dowels, the adhesive should be applied to the holes.
  5. Remove wet adhesive using a damp cloth. Cured adhesive should be sanded off, this should be done prior to staining the wood.


Not suitable for water immersion.

Ensure wood doesn’t contain excessive moisture

Do not use at temperature below 10 degrees C.

Drying times are extended at lower temperatures.

Do not use on non-porous or large areas of laminate.

External use protect joints with an impervious paint system once dry.

Read the technical data sheet prior to use this can be downloaded in PDF Form from the download section of this product.

Also Available Alpha Chem All Trades Wood Adhesive 1 Litre in Applicator Bottle

All Wood Glues and Adhesives

Brand All Trades
Manufacturer Cromar Alpha Chem
Reference Code X2WA5
Type Internal External D3 Wood Adhesive
Size 5 Litre
Special Features D3 Water resistant
Colour White clear when dry
Name Link
Cromar Alpha Chem All Trades D3 Wood Adhesive Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Cromar Alpha Chem All Trades D3 Wood Adhesive Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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