Thompsons One Coat Water Seal Masonry Stone Wood 5 Litre RSLTWSU5L

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Thompsons One Coat Water Seal Brick Concrete Masonry Stone Wood

Product Option: 5 Litre

MPN: 32993

Barcode: 5010214804771

Thompsons One Coat WATERSEAL:

High performance transparent water repellent specially formulated to prevent water penetration on all mineral substrates brick, stone, concrete, pebble dash render, Wood etc.

Thompsons One Coat Water Seal uses a unique micro silicone emulsion to stop water penetration.

Apply just one coat of Water Seal directly onto damp surfaces to provide long lasting waterproof protection within hours.

Does not contain solvents harmful to the user or the environment


Water seal penetrates deeply into the treated surface to provide effective water repellent for many years

Unaffected by ultra violet light

Apply by brush or roller.

May be applied to damp surfaces.

Reduces Efflorescence.

Reduces the effect of freezing and thawing.

Effective water repellent on:





Pebble dash

Workshop Floors

All sawn Wood etc


Do all repairs to project first.

Coat the entire wall or surface not patches.

Pay particular attention to brick mortar pointing.

Clean tools with soapy water

Approximate Coverage:

4 meters square per litre depending on surface

Approximate Drying Time:

2 Hours depending on surface and texture.

Option Colour Clear Invisible
Option Text 5 lItre
Reference Code RSLTWSU5L

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