Sika Water Repel + Solvent Free Repellent & Protector 5 Litre SKWATREP5

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Sika Water Repel + Repellent &Protector 5 Litre

Product Option:SKWATREP5

Sika Code:407296



Water Repel is a solvent free water repellentand protector for concrete,

brick, stone and masonry.

Protects against rainwater penetration withoutchanging the aesthetic

appearance of the substrate.

The penetration depth and usage depends on theporosity of the surface

being treated.

Sika Water RepelUse:

Water repellent for all types ofmasonry

Protects masonry, concrete, brick andstone

Reduces dirt pick up and moss growth

Reduces efflorescence of brickwork


Invisible protection against rainpenetration

VOC free

Protects masonry, concrete, brick andstone



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Sika Water Repel +MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Sika Water Repel+ Technical Datasheet

Manufacturer Product Page

Option Text 407296
Reference Code SKWATREP5 407296
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Sika_Water_Repel_+_Safety_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
Sika_Water_Repel_Technical_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment

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