Joint it Pro Seal Trade Sealer Paving Natural Stone Concrete 1 Litre PRO001

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Joint it Pro Seal Trade Sealer Paving Natural Stone Concrete - 1-Litre


Barcode 5391535770090

Joint-It Pro Seal sealer is suitable for all path patio and driveway paving surfaces, concrete slabs, and natural stone surfaces.

This sealer can also be used on surfaces such as freshly cleaned roof tiles or new ones to help keep that moss away. It can be used on brickwork and other wall surfaces.

Joint-It Pro Seal protects your surface against dirt, stains, moss, and algae.

This brick and concrete sealer create's an invisible barrier on your patio or driveway. It enhances durability, reduces maintenance time, and keeps your surface looking new all year round.

It protects brick and other masonry surfaces and prevents the weakening of surfaces through frequent freeze and thaw cycles.

Spray and go formula means you can spray the sealer onto the surface and leave it to do the work, or if it's a bit windy, you can use a roller or brush to apply it.

Joint-it Pro Seal paving sealer penetrates deep into the natural stone and concrete and is suitable for block paving, driveways, concrete and natural stone. It will not change the look of these surfaces but protect them from the elements and is quick-drying.

Specification and Main Points:

  • Ready to Use
  • Create a shield against dirt and grime
  • Makes masonry and paving surfaces stain resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Repels moss and lichen formation on a treated surface
  • Suitable for use on patios, paths, roof tiles and walls
  • Environmentally friendly formula
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Simple Quick Sealing
  • It can be sprayed, brushed, and rolled
  • BBA accreditation CE Marked and has ISO9001

Approximate Consumption:

  • The manufacturer has an excellent calculator for estimating your usage.
  • Here's the link for the Joint It Calculator. Click on the Joint it Pro Seal tab at the top of the calculator and input your information.

This video shows how well the joint it pro seal works.

Which of the 3 Joint it sealers should I choose?

Joint it Pro Seal, Joint it Premium Seal, or Joint it Supreme Colour Enhancer.

Here's a bit about all of them:

  • Pro seal and Premium Seal are both fluoropolymers offering slightly differing characteristics.
  • The repellency benefits of the Joint-It Premium Seal are more significant than that of the Joint-It Pro Seal. This means that the polymers are more compact in the Premium Seal and therefore offer more resistance to contaminants. Both offer protection. Still, one lasts for longer and creates a more substantial barrier. There is quite a price difference. This is due to the extra costs involved in the premium seal.
  • Both will not change the look of the surface but will keep looking like new for longer.
  • Then we have a supreme Colour enhancer.
  • Not only does this product enhance colour and bring out the natural colour, but it also protects.
  • Darker surfaces will become more intense than lighter; this is particularly important when treating natural stone.
  • As a sealer Joint, Supreme Colour Enhancer penetrates the stone to lock out dirt and grime.
Option Text Size 1 litre
Reference Code PRO001
Colour clear
Name Link
Joint It ECO Pro Seal All Surfaces Paving Sealer Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment

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