Joint It FINE Block Paving Jointing Active Sand Neutral or Grey 20kg

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Joint It Fine Block Paving Jointing Active Sand 20kg Bags


  • JOIFN20 - Neutral
  • JOIFG20 - Grey

Joint it Fine Setting Sand is a moisture curing sand jointing material for narrow block paving joints for joints that are 3mm wide or smaller. Joint It Fine is faster than traditional methods. Watch the video for complete instructions. The active sand is swept into the joints before being saturated with water giving perfect pointing, and can be used for all types of block paving.

Where other sands and grouts can crack, allowing weeds to flourish, Joint-It Fine is naturally formulated to increase pH levels in the joints to repel weed and windborne weed seed growth that would typically flourish in the joints.

When applying, the best results are obtained using a Wacker plate to vibrate the sand to the bottom of the joints. These can be hired relatively cheaply at most tool hire shops and are usually delivered to your door.

The Joint-it Fine Instructional Video shows just how easy it is to use.

Once cured, the compound will not wash out, becoming complex but flexible. A self-repairing block paving sand with innovative weed resistance technology is water permeable, so no large pools of water are standing on the surface. This product is also certified Eco friendly.

Works on all types of block paving suitable for newly laid driveways and paths and will not shrink or crack over time, and it is stain resistant and water permeable.

It can also be used on existing paving, but you must clear all weeds and treat them before applying them to an existing driveway.

For this, you will need to use a high-power pressure washer to clean out all of the joints to ensure there are no weeds, and after this, it is advisable to spray all the joints to ensure all weed plants that may be left are killed off.

It's ideal for residential, home improvements, and commercial use. Joint-It Fine block paving sand will maintain your driveway weed-free. For long-lasting outcomes, a professional or wise person should apply it.

Joint it Fine How to Demonstration Video

Typical Uses:

  • For narrow joints from 3mm wide to 50mm deep.
  • For pointing all block paving drives, paths, patios etc., with small narrow joints.


  • Self-repairs cracks and prevents weed.
  • Joint-It Fine eliminates the task of removing weeds all year round.
  • The innovative binding technology in joint it fine paving sand creates a joint that constantly repairs any small cracks. The rain swells the ingredients in the joint to consistently repair all micro-cracks, which means no weeds can flourish.
  • It is a 100% raw, organic, natural compound.
  • Easy to use - brush in and water.
  • Longer lasting with many more benefits over regular kiln dried sand that washes out, and the ants and weeds love it.
  • It dries stiff but flexible and will not wash out once cured.
  • Increase pH levels in the joint material to repel weed and windborne weed seed growth.


  • Joints must be dry, free from dirt, debris and all weeds.
  • Pour sweep the material into the joints at a 45-degree angle, ensuring each joint is completely filled and the material compacted by tapping the joint or blocks or using a wacker plate for best results.
  • Sweep off all excess products and top up all areas where needed to ensure joints are full.
  • Thoroughly soak the joints with a hose pipe set to a light spray and wait for 5 to 10 minutes in average temperatures for higher temperatures. This may be reduced to 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Wash off and remove all excess material from the face of the paving and any other surface.
  • If your water pressure is low, you may need to use a low-power pressure washer. It's worth doing right the first time, and you won't regret it for years.

Important Note:

Do not leave sand on the surface of the blocks or any other surface. Wash off with a hose as per the video.

Approximate Consumption:

The manufacturer offers a useful calculator for determining your usage.

Here's the link to the joint it calculator. Click on the Joint it Fine tab at the top of the calculator and provide your information.

Please be aware that the colours shown in the various colour tabs are suggestions, not concrete hues.

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Reference Code JOIFN20 JOIFG20
Option Text Weight 20Kg
Colour Neutral Natural and Grey
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Joint It Fine Eco Active Paving Jointing Sand 20kg Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment

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