Joint It So Clean Masonry Patio Paving and Natural Stone Cleaner 1 Litre SOCL1

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Joint It So Clean Premium Masonry Patio Paving and Natural Stone Cleaner 1-Litre


Barcode 5391535770021

Joint-It So-Clean is a premium natural stone cleaner that can be used on various garden masonry and concrete, porous surfaces.

This natural stone and concrete cleaner may get deep into the stone to remove any dirt and stains accumulated over the winter months, leaving your patio driveway and garden walkways spotless. If you want to clean the tarmac, it will also work.

With its powerful high-performance formula and spray-and-go formulation, spay it on your patio, driveway, or tarmac and leave it to do the job; there's no need to scrub. Please look at the product video for Joint-It So Clean, which demonstrates how easy it is to use.

Make those outside areas come to life with this natural stone and concrete cleaner, penetrating deep into the stone to remove any dirt and stains while restoring a clean patio and driveway.

Specification and Main Points:

  • Ready to use formula.
  • It is simple to apply to utilise a spray roller or brush.
  • Stain resistant.
  • It does not alter the appearance of the surface.
  • Safe on natural stone.
  • Suitable for use on concrete and tarmac, driveways, patios, natural stone and brick paving.
  • Powerful and effective.
  • Fast acting with long-lasting results.
  • It also has the advantage of having a low-odour nature.

Demonstration video of So Clean from Joint It.

Approximate Consumption:

The manufacturer has a handy calculator that can estimate your usage.

Here's the link: Click on the Joint It So Clean tab at the top of the calculator and input your information.

How To Use:

  • Before treatment, brush away any leaves, rubbish, and overgrowth.
  • As with all cleaners, apply a tiny amount to a hidden area for testing.
  • You can use a spray gun; if there is a breeze, use a brush or roller instead.
  • If it's going to rain within four hours, don't apply.
  • Use a modest pressure spray such as a pump sprayer, lance or trigger spray, roller, or brush to ensure that the surface is immaculate and saturated.
  • Allow the product to complete the task on its own.
  • You should notice a difference in 24 hours.
  • For extremely dirty or greasy surfaces, apply the solution neat and agitate it into the surface with a brush before power washing after the water has evaporated. Reapply and allow the product to work.
  • The amount of coverage depends on various factors, including the surface's porosity, sort, and texture.
  • We always recommend testing a tiny concealed surface region to see how much is required and adaptable.
  • The amount of product required is determined by the degree of porosity in the stone.

An Approximate General Guide:

  • If you have a heavily soiled region, use one litre per 3m2.
  • If you have a lightly soiled region, use one litre per 5m2.
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Joint It So Clean Natural Stone and Path Patio Cleaner Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment

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