Alpha Chem All Trades Mitre Bonding Kit Superglue Activator X2MITREKIT

Brand: Alpha Chem
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Alpha Chem All Trades Mitre Bonding Kit Superglue and Activator

Mitre Super Glue 50g Mitre Activator 200ml

Barcode 5036684020107


Alphachem X2MITREKIT all trades mitre bonding kit superglue and activator

Two part super glue system comprising an extremely high viscosity ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive 50g and 200ml aerosol activator.

Used primarily for instant bonding  normally 10 seconds on wooden joints, with numerous other uses.

This Mitre Bonding Kit is a set consisting of a high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive super glue and activator which when used together create a rapid 10 seconds bond, high bond strength is achieved.

Video Demonstration Cromar Alpha Chem All Trade Super Strong Bonding Kit In Action

Alpha Chem Bonding Mitre Kit Benefits

  • Ideal for wood mitre joints as well as numerous other jobs.
  • Ideal for use on vertical surfaces as it will not drip or slump.
  • Mitre MDF kit is particularly suited to bonding difficult substrates which have a porous or uneven nature.
  • Flash setting formulation bonds most surfaces within 10 seconds, cutting down dramatically mitre assembly bonding times when compared to conventional wood adhesives.
  • High viscosity adhesive low soak in to give greater bond strength than conventional cyanoacrylates on porous surfaces such as wood
  • Gap filling high viscosity adhesive will fill small gaps in mitres etc
  • Especially suitable for applications where cure speed needs to be accelerated.


  • Fixing and repairing wooden parts.
  • Multitude of industrial applications Bonds MDF, wood, chipboard, rubber, leather, plastics, Perspex, UPVC ceramics, aluminium and metals.
  • Ideal for all cornice and profile mitres, trims, picture frames, MDF, skirting and architrave joints, worktop end strips, PVCu trims and much more.
  • It is particularly useful for production lines such as electronics assembly and uPVC window trim bonding.


  • Ensure all surfaces are clean, sound, dry and free from dust, grease or other contaminants.
  • Substrates need to be smooth and have a perfect connection area.
  • Spray the activator over one of the surfaces.
  • Apply a drop or line of the adhesive to the other.
  • Join substrates together immediately and press firmly for 10 seconds to one minute depending on materials.

Application temperature for applying AlphaChem Bonding kit should be between +5 degrees C and +35 degrees C.

Always read the data sheet prior to use for limitations.

Brand Alphachem Alpha Chem
Manufacturer Cromar
Reference Code X2MITREKIT
Type Superglue Adhesive and Activator Mitre Bonding Kit
Size 200ml Activator 50g Adhesive
Name Link
Alpha Chem All Trades Mitre Bonding Kit Activator Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Alpha Chem All Trades Mitre Bonding Kit Glue Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Alpha Chem All Trades Mitre Bonding Kit X2MITREKIT Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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