Sika Mould Buster Concentrate Kills Moss Algae Mould 5 Litre SKMBUST5

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Sika Mould Buster 5 Litre Concentrate Kills Moss Algae Mould

Bar Code: 5055047209096

Sika Code: 174996


Product Description:

Sika Mould Buster ia a biocide based treatment for the removal of Mould, Moss

and Algae from all types of Masonry building and other substrates such as

Roof Tiles brickwork patios and wood furniture.

Mould Buster Uses:

For removal of all types of organic growth from surfaces including:

Patios and driveways, fences, roofs, brickwork, masonry, decking,

garden furniture, tarmac, asphalt, PVC and metals


Approx: 20m square per Litre.

5 Litres will treat Approximately 100 square meters.

Characteristics and Advantages:

H & SE approved.

Prevents re-growth for months

No pressure washing or scrubbing is required

Fully biodegradable

Contains no bleach or acids

Can be used internally and externally


Simply Mix spray and walk away do not clean off afterwards.

Official Documents:

Sika Mould Buster Safety Data Sheet

Sika Mould Buster Technical Data Sheet

Manufacturer Sika Mould Buster Product Page

Option Text Sika Code: 174996
Reference Code SKMBUST5
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