Kingfisher Wood Log Roll 9 inch Garden Lawn Flower Border Edging 1.8m LOG2

Brand: Kingfisher Garden
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Kingfisher Wood Log Roll Garden Lawn Flower Border Edging

1.8m 230mm Tall

70 inch x 9 inch Tall


Barcode 5013478115829

Kingfisher Natural Wood Log Garden Lawn or Border Edging on a roll

Approximate length 1.8 meter long and 9 inches Tall

Loved by both landscapers and DIY gardeners

Provides a very decorative natural edge to borders and grass lawns, looks especially good with plants tumbling over the edges

Creates a clear decorative border between beds and lawns.

Also ideal fo creating breaks in decorative grass areas going from long natural grass to cut lawn as per additional image.

Made from sustainable pre treated timber.

Specification and Main Points

  • Made from sustainable timber
  • 1.8 meter a 230mm
  • Natural looking break between areas

Bury part of the log roll in the ground for ridgidity to the desired height above the surrounding surface lawn or path.

Manufacturer Kingfisher
Reference Code LOG2
Type Lawn Edging Plant Border
Option Text 1 .8 meter x 230mm 70 inch x 9 inch long
Material Wood

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