Kingfisher Planter Ceramic Mottled Effect Flower Plant Pot 15 inch PPOTB13

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Kingfisher Planter Ceramic Glazed Mottled Effect Plastic Plant Flower Pot

Size 15 inch


Barcode 5013478169884

Kingfisher Ceramic Effect Plastic Plant Pot Planter 15 inch across made from durable and weather resistant moulded plastic material that is both strong and very good looking

Mottled effect sprayed on ceramic effect finish

Makes the Perfect gift for any keen gardener to show off there plants for the fraction of a cost of a real ceramic pot.

These pots have no drainage holes but holes could be drilled in base if required.

This planter is strong but lightweight, and large enough for many different types of garden plants.

This strong heavy duty planter has the great look and feel of a traditional ceramic pot.

The pots have a heavier glaze effect on the tops both inside and out fading to a more natural mottled effect towards the bottom of the pot.

These pots will only get more realistic as they age.

Specification and Main Points

  • Strong plastic
  • Sold in singles
  • Flower small shrub pot
  • External all year use
  • Colour Tan brown fade out
  • Medium large pot
  • Fraction of the weight of the real thing
  • Fraction of the cost of the real thing

Approximate Size

  • Width 375mm - 14.5 inch
  • Height 315mm - 12.5 inch

Also available in a 19.5 inch version

Reference Code PPOTB13
Option Text 14.5 inch 375mm
Colour Tan brown Fade

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