Kingfisher Natural Bamboo Lawn Flower Bed Edging 150mm x 1m LE4

Brand: Kingfisher Garden
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Kingfisher Natural Strong Bamboo Lawn Flower Bed Edging 150mm x 1 meter Approx


Barcode 5013478117809

Kingfisher lawn and bedding edging creates a break between lawn grass paths and bedding, helps maintain the boundry of the flower beds and does it in a decorative way with a natural sustainable product.

Provides a decorative edge to borders, looks especially good with plants tumbling over the edges if installed proud.

Can be partly submerged in the ground to the desired height this also helps keep the edging installed.

Creates a clear decorative border between flower beds and lawns.

Can also be used on hard ground decoratively surrounding pots etc.

Approximate dimensions 1m long 150mm high.

Rolls may not be all the same length 1 meter is an approximate.

on checking 10 rolls they ranged from 950mm to 1000mm

Specification and Main Points

  • Made from sustainable natural bamboo
  • Strong galvanised wire keeps the bamboo together
  • 1 meter x 15cm
  • Creates a border between lawn paths and flower beds

Tip on hard create the trench first with spade or lawn edger then back fill.

Excessive impact to try and install may damage the even ness of the bamboo.

If installed by impact use a piece of wood to even out the blows along the length of the bamboo edging.

Manufacturer Kingfisher
Reference Code LE4
Type Natural Bamboo Lawn Flower Bed Edging
Size 150mm x 1 meter Approximate
Material Bamboo
Colour Bamboo

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