Kingfisher Garden Pyramid Obelisk Plant Metal Wire Support Frame 48 inch PGS48

Brand: Kingfisher Garden
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Kingfisher Garden Tall Pyramid Obelisk Plant Metal Wire Support Frame

Size 48 inch 1200mm


Barcode 5013478122506

The kingfisher 4ft tall wire obelisk is made from lightweight but strong metal wire for garden plant support.

Provides lightweight support to climbing pea, bean plants roses and other climbing plants like clematis.

The obelisk helps to ensure optimum growth and flowers a firm base in the soil is essential for this and the Legs fit into the ground for extra stability.

Ideal for creating an elevated feature in your garden.

Ideal for climbing plants or for plant stability.

On very windy open sites it may be necessary to tether the abelisk down.

Specification and Main Product Points

  • Approximate Size 48 inch 1200mm
  • Legs fit into ground for support
  • Creates an elevated plant and architectural feature to the garden
  • Wire Construction with multiple rings

Reference Code PGS48
Option Text Size 48 inch 2 foot 1200mm

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