Kingfisher Garden Weed Control Supression Fabric Permeable Membrane WG3

Brand: Kingfisher Garden
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Marksman Heavy Duty Grade Garden Weed Control Supression Fabric Permeable to water Landscaping Membrane

1.5 meters x 8 meters

MPN 70378C

Barcode 5038673703480

This Marksman Heavy Duty Grade Garden Weed Control Fabric is designed to Suppress weed growth when creating landscaping and bedding.

This fabric Permeable landscaping membrane meaning water is allowed to penetrate it but weed cant.

Perfect for laying on flower fruit and vegetable beds simply make an insition through the membrane for planting and cover the membrane .

This membrane is of heavy duty grade and can be used below bark gravel decorative stone and also artificial turf.

Can also be used under decking to prevent light and then weeds growing up through the decking.

The material has give and this helps with the puncture resistance.

Specification and Main Points

  • Approximate Size 1.5m x 8m
  • Black in colour
  • Heavy duty
  • Allows water and nutrients to pass through
  • Stops weeds from growing
  • High puncture resistance
  • Highly effective weed suppressant
  • Allows for the soil below to breath and stops stagnation unlike plastic

Can be used under

  • Decorative bard
  • Sand and stone
  • paving and decking
  • Artificial lawn grass and more

Membrane Tape

Manufacturer Kingfisher
Reference Code WG3
Type Weed Guard Supression membrane
Size 25 meters 1m x 25m

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