Soudal Soudafoam Window Door SWS Airtight Acoustic Gun Grade Expanding Foam 750ml

Brand: Soudal
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Soudal Soudafoam SWS Window Door Airtight Acoustic Thermal

Gun Grade Expanding Foam 750ml

Product Option: 130577

Barcode: 5411183137561

Soudal Soudafoam Window Door SWS Airtight Acoustic Gun Grade Expanding Foam Single can option.

All the benefits of normal foam but has the added benefits of being airtight themal energy saving flexible window and door expanding foam with high acoustic properties.

Recommended for all A, A+ and A++ windows and doors or any applications where an airtight seal is required.

Airtight premium quality polyurethane expanding foam filler for use around windows and doors.

Superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Totally airtight after curing and is 3 times more flexible than standard PU expanding foams.

The product is highly flexible once cured, based on FLEXIFOAM technology, which gives improved durability.

Single component Gun Grade foam with rapid curing and primerless adhesion on most construction materials.

Bonds to all the normal building materials used on site in the home and comercial premises.

Because of the Duravalve technology the optimal yield remains over the entire shelf life of the foam even when stored or transported in the lying down position.

Soudafoam SWS is self-expanding ready to use polyurethane foam with very good elastic properties, which allow the foam to follow the movement of the joint

and keep its insulation properties for many years.

Satisfies the air test building tests required in modern building pre sale requirements.

Main Benefits:

High insulation value both thermal and acoustic

Very good bonding propertys

Very precise to use

Low expansion

Elastic and compressible

High filling capacity

Freon free so not harmfull to the ozone layer and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect

Fast curing


Very good adhesion

Shelf life 24 months

Typical Jobs:

Foam applications in static and non static joints

Installing of windows and door frames

Filling of voids and cavities

Sealing of all openings in building and roof construction

As a sound absorbing layer

Greatly improves thermal isolation in cooling systems

Video Demonstration How To Use Expanding Foam and Clean Your Gun

Soudal Data Sheets:

Soudafoam SWS Expanding Foam Techncial Data Sheet

Manufacturer Product Page

All Expanding Foams

Option Text Single Can
Reference Code 130577
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Soudal Soudafoam SWS Acoustic Airtight Thermal Expanding Foam Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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