Soudal Soudabond Easy Hand Held Adhesive Expanding Foam 750ml 161117

Brand: Soudal
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Soudal Soudabond Easy Hand Held Adhesive Expanding Foam 750ml

MPN 161117

Barcode 5411183131378

Hand Held Traditional Straw Application

Soudal Souda Bond hand held applied building adhesive foam.

Ready to use single component self-expanding polyurethane adhesive for clean efficient and economical permanent bonding of insulation panels, plasterboard building materials such as timber and many other materials used in the building and construction industry.

Also suitable for use with polystyrene and lightweight wall blocks.

Installation of olyurethane and phenol resin foam based insulation panels for flat roofs, perimeters, facades, insulation drain elements, cellar ceilings, internal insulation, etc.

Suitable for bonding gypsum plasterboard gypsum fiberboard in dry lining applications.Suitable for bonding non-load bearing walls, e.g.

Partition walls, screen walls, cellar bars, stone shelves, concrete precision blocks, aerated concrete, sand-lime brick, gypsum, hollow bricks and much more.

Provides significant labour saving and convenience benefits when compared to traditional dry wall adhesives will bond to most common building substrates

Can be applied horizontally or vertically to the board, wall or battens beams

Expands minimally on application but enough to fill any gaps on uneven surfaces

Main Points

  • Hand Held traditional straw applied
  • High insulation value both thermal and acoustic
  • Very good bonding propertys
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Very precise to use
  • Economical in use
  • Economical in labour
  • Work can continue 1 hour after application
  • Low expansion
  • Fast curing
  • Shelf life 24 months
  • Prevents cold breaches that you get when using powder products Dot and Dab
  • Plasterboard, Insulation, Timber, Blockwork, Flat roof panels and other sheetwork

Also Available in Box Quantity

Soudal Soudabond Easy Demonstration Video

Video Demonstration How To Use Expanding Foam and Clean Your Gun

Soudal Datasheets

Soudal Souda Bond Easy Hand Held Techncial Data Sheet

Manufacturer Product Page

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Manufacturer Soudal
Reference Code 128486
Type Adhesive Foam
Quantity singles
Special Features Straw Applied Hand Held
Name Link
Soudal Soudabond Easy Hand Held Adhesive Foam Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Soudal Soudabond Easy Hand Held Adhesive Foam Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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