Sika SikaMur Injectocream 100 Injectable Damp Proof Membrane 600ml Box of 10

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Sika SikaMur 100 Injectable Liquid DPC Damp Proof Membrane

Trade Option: 600ml Box of 10


Barcode: 7612894718317

SIKAMUR INJECTOCREAM-100 is a new concept for the control of rising damp.

A simple application gun is used to inject the cream into a series of holes drilled into a mortar course.

Once injected to the mortar course,the sikamur injecto cream 100 will diffuse within the damp wall to form a water repellent barrier ie a damp-proof course,

Sika injecto cream an injectable damp proof course is a long lasting, water resistant material. It’s used in damp proofing for building and construction purposes. The sikamur injectable damp proof course has an advanced formula that makes it unique from others because of the way and how it is injected into walls or other materials by using no special equipment.

Creates a Damp Proof Course DPC barrier and block future rising damp.

SIKAMUR INJECTOCREAM-100 is a water repellent,silane-based emulsion.

Also suitable for injecting into problem areas of damp such as areas around chimneys stone cills etc.

Can be used with a 5.5mm Approx internal borehose External is normally 8mm


Fast and easy to install, one-component ready to use No need for preliminary watertight sealing around the injection holes Quick and consistent application

Easy to calculate the amount of material required. does not require a special, expensive pump

Spillage and mess virtually eliminated from the site no problem with fluids flooding through party walls, cavities or service ducts

Concentrated formula with approx. 80% active ingredients

Low hazard, water-based product non-caustic, non-flammable and not injected under pressure and with very low wastage

No risk of increased efflorescence with siliconate-based rising damp treatments.

Sika Sikamur Injectable Liquid Damp Proof Course Demonstration Video

Sika Injecto Cream Official Information:

Sika Injectocream FPSKMURINJ100 Technical Data Sheet

Sika Injectocream FPSKMURINJ100 Safety Data Sheet

Sika Manufacturer Injecto cream Product Page

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Sika SikaMur Injecto Cream 100 Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Sika SikaMur Injecto Cream 100 Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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