Everbuild Mitre Fast Superglue Activator 400ml Large ACTIV4

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Everbuild Mitre Fast Super Glue Activator 400ml


Barcode: 5029347600488

Part of a two part superglue Kit Large 400ml aerosol activator is used primarily for giving a faster instant bond 10 seconds on wooden mitre joints, with numerous other uses.

for use with all cyanoacrylates super glues.

ACTIV4 Activator Benefits:

Flash setting formulation - bonds most surfaces within 10 seconds, cutting down dramatically mitre assembly bonding times when compared to conventional wood adhesives.

High viscosity adhesive low soak in to give greater bond strength than conventional cyanoacrylates on porous surfaces eg wood.

Gap filling high viscosity adhesive will fill small gaps in mitres etc up to 0.2mm

Areas For Use:

Multitude of industrial applications: Bonds MDF, wood, chipboard, rubber, plastics, Perspex, uPVC ceramics, aluminium and metals.

Ideal for all cornice and profile mitres, trims, picture frames, MDF, skirting and architrave joints, worktop end strips, PVCu trims and much more.

It is particularly useful for production lines such as electronics assembly and UPVC window trim bonding.

ACTIV4 Data Sheets:

Everbuild Product Page

Mitre Fast Activator Technical Data Sheet

Mitre fast activator Safety Data Sheet

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Everbuild Mitre Fast Superglue Activator Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Mitre Fast Superglue Instructions Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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