Wera Kraftform 300 Screwdriver Set 6 Piece + Bonus 2 x PZ2

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Wera Kraftform300Series ScrewdriverSet 6 Piece + Bonus 2 x PZ2

Product Option:WER105656 05105656001


Product Features andDescription:

Wera Kraftform Plus 334/355/6 screwdriverset.

Inc free twin pack of PZ2 Bits.

Chrome plated and hardened steelblades.

Wera Lasertip tip bites into the screw head,reducing cam out (prevents slipping out of the screw head) andeliminating the need for two handed screwdriving.

Ergonomic patented multi-component Kraftformhandle designed for faster more powerful and less tiringscrewdriving action.

Set of 6comprising:

1 - Slotted flared tip 6.5 x 150mm.

1 - Parallel tip 3.0 x 80mm.

1 - Parallel tip 4.0 x 100mm.

1 - Parallel tip 5.5 x 125mm.

1 - Pozidriv PZ1 x 80mm.

1 - Pozidriv PZ2 x 100mm.

Video of the Wera VDE Electrical Insulated Screwdriver this video shows justhow good the lasertip tips and the patented handle grip well worthwatching.

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Option Text set of 6
Reference Code 105656AV, WER105656, 05105656001

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