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Wera VDE Electrical InsulatedScrewdriver 6pce Set Plus Screw Grip

MPN: 05344589001WERTBK160I7


Product Features andDescription:

This 6 piece set includes a selection of 4Slotted tip screwdrivers and

2 Phillips tip which can also be used onPozidriv screws.

In addition to these, there are 2 screwgrippers in the set.

Real Deals For You Deals Unlocked WeraVDE Screwdriver Set Demo:

This is a high quality set of VDE Screwdriversfrom Wera, designed for the

Professional Electrician but is also ideal forall professional and trade users,

whether you are working on electrical items ornot, his includes builders,

carpenters, mechanics, service engineers andfitters, kitchen fitters,

plumbers and anyone who needs a fine qualitytools.

Contents of theSet:

1 - 0.4 x 2.5 x 80mm slotted.

1 - 0.6 x 3.5 x 100mm slotted.

1 - 0.8 x 4.0 x 100mm slotted.

1 - 1.0 x 5.5 x 125mm slotted.

1 - ph1 x 80mm philips.

1 - ph2 x 100mm philips.

2 - Screw Grippers

The screwdriver tips have been correctlyhardened so as not to damage the

screw head and to provide a long servicelife.

Laser Etched Tips:

An important feature on these screwdrivers isthe "Slip Stop tips", they have

precision angled laser cut grooves in the tipswhich grip the screw head when

you are tightening or undoing afixing.

This etched tip enables the screwdriver to gripthe head of the screw or fixing

when pressure is exerted and greatly reducesthe risk of the screwdriver

sliping out of the screw.

Using the ScrewGrippers:

The screw grippers provide a real benefit when you are working overheador

are having to stretch to put a screwin.

The screw grippers slide over the shaft of thescrewdriver until the sprung loaded

jaws are almost level with the tip, you thenplace the screw between the jaws and

slide it up so that tip of the screwdriver isin the end of the screw.

This holds the screw and you are able to startscrewdriving without the screw

falling off the end of the screwdriver. asyouare tightening the last few turns of

the screw, the jaws of the screw gripperautomatically open and release the

screw so that you can drive it home flush withthe surface.

Fully tested individually for dielectricstrength under a load of 10,000 volts so

as to ensure safe working with loads up to1,000 volts.

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Wera VDE Electrical InsulatedScrewdriver 6pce Set and Screw Grip

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