Everbuild PinkGrip Dry Fix FR Dryfix Plasterboard Installation Foam DRYFIX7

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Everbuild PinkGrip Dry-Fix FR Plasterboard Installation Foam


Barcode: 5029347606282

New dual flow valve allows you to use the product with or without a Gun

PINKGRIP DRY FIX FR a revolutionary type of fast curing adhesive foam specially developed for the rapid installation of Plasterboard Insulation Boards Roof Decking Floorboards etc.

Fire Retardant grade conforms to the requirement of EN 13501-1 Class E for fire rating

Provides significant labour saving and convenience benefits when compared to traditional dry wall adhesives will bond to most common building substrates

Can be applied horizontally or vertically to the board, wall or battens beams

Expands minimally on application but enough to fill any gaps on uneven surfaces

Demonstration Video on how easy it is to use the Dryfix Plasterboard adhesive.


Pinkgrip Dry Fix provides significant time, labour and convenience benefits when compared to traditional dry wall adhesives, Bonds to Masonry, Concrete, Plaster, Timber, Metal, Insulation boards, polystyrene, Polyurethane, Bitumen, Asphalt & more.


30% time saving over conventional dry wall adhesives.

Board only needs holding for 1 minute

Can be plastered in ONE HOUR

Canister can be left on gun for immediate re-use


No mixing

No mess

No water

No bucket

No dust


No heavy bags to carry

One can fixes 5 standard boards in most applications

Applied to board or wall

Works on solid walls, metal & timber studding

Timed delay prevents post expansion once in position

Reduces cold bridging

No nails or screws giving less finishing

Dryfix Demonstration File

Official Product Data sheets:

Dryfix Technical Data Sheet

Dryfix MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild Dryfix Product Page

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Reference Code DRYFIX7
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Everbuild Dryfix Adhesive Foam DRYFIX7 Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Dryfix Adhesive Foam Instructions Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
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