Fixman Pest & Security Intruder Prickle Spikes Deterrent Protection 142014

Brand: Fixman UK
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Fixman Pest & Intruder Prickle Strip Protection - Box of 8

Barcode: 5024763114663

MPN: 142014

Security and deterent strips that simply fix on top of gates walls fences.

Deters Human & Pest intruders deters cats.

Durable pointy polypropylene spikes mounted on a flat strip.

Fix on top of walls, gates and fences to deter intruders, cats, birds and other unwanted pests.

Triple row of tough 10mm prickles for maximum discomfort.

UV and weather-resistant, with black colouration for inconspicuous mounting on most fences and walls.

Fix with nails, screws or adhesive depending on base material.

Each strip can be cut or snapped at intervals for neat fitment.

Triple row of tough polypropylene pointed cones at varied height for maximum discomfort.

Fix with nails, screws or adhesive.

Each strip can be snapped at intervals for neat fitment.

Each Strip 490mm

Pack of 8 covers just under 4 meters

Property owners must be satisfied that no harm will be caused by this product.

A clear warning sign advertising that an anti-intruder device has been fitted to the property should be displayed.

Option Text 8 pack
Reference Code 142014

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