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1 x Fixman Humane Tilt Mouse Trap

Barcode: 5024763130786

MPN: 674723

Re-useable catch and release humane mouse trap catches but does not kill the mouse.

Suitable for internal or external use.

Plastic construction for easy cleaning.

Mouse cannot take bait without tripping the tilt trap.

Once the mice are caught the trap can be emptied without the need to touch the mouse.

Simply add bait captures mice humanely for release at another location.

Durable square-tubular plastic trap for humane control of invasive or problematic mouse population.

Mouse enters open-end of the trap and once inside, tilts the tube which causes the door to swing shut behind it.

Opposite end has a removable cap for easy bait placement and quick-release of caught rodent.

Ideal for use in garages, sheds, lofts and many other internal or external locations must be put on a smooth surface for best results.

Best-placed along skirting boards or in sheltered corners.

Easy to clean and reuse the caught rodent can be released at a location away from the catch location to prevent the issue recurring.

Approximate Size:

L x W x H: 170mm x 40mm x 40mm.

The above picture shows the same trap open and then closed

Option Text Tilt Trap
Reference Code 674723 O312064

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