Self Levelling Compounds

Are you searching for the perfect self-levelling compounds to get your floors looking as smooth as glass? Look no further than Sealants & Tools Direct, where we have a wide selection of products to suit all your needs.

Our range is extensive and includes items such as "Everbuild Febgrout Flowable Anchoring Grout Bedding Compound 25kg," "Everbuild 710 Febflor Self Level Flexiplus Floor Levelling Compound 20kg," "Everbuild 720 Febflor Fibreplus Heat Self-Level Floor Levelling Compound," "Everbuild 708 Febflor Self-Level Floor Levelling Compound (50 Bag Full Pallet)," plus many more great items. You can rest assured that our products are top-quality, and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect product for the job.

The 708 Febflor Universal and 710 Febflor Flexiplus Latex self-levelling compounds are two of the most popular and all-purpose levelling compounds. These compounds are suitable for use on uneven floors and screeds before installing ceramic tiles, thermoplastic tiles, linoleum, wood block flooring, or carpet. If you wish to use 709 FebFlor Latex Plus instead of water, we recommend priming the area with 503 SBR Bond if it will be used on timber floors, old tiles, or asphalt. The 710 Febflor Flexiplus Latex offers greater flexibility and is suitable for use on asphalt or tar-based surfaces.

So don't wait any longer—explore our range of self-levelling compounds today and find the perfect solution for your flooring needs. With Sealants & Tools Direct, you'll be able to level your floor quickly and easily, giving it a smooth and flawless finish.

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