Aquaseal Wet Room Waterproof Tanking Membrane 5 Litre

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Everbuild Aquaseal Tanking Liquid Membrane 5 Litre Paintable Coating

Aquaseal Code: AQWRSMEM5

Barcode: 5029347611163

Everbuild Aquaseal Water proof Tanking Membrane is a ready to use liquid waterproofing compound that is applied in a 2 coat system by brush. It provides a permanently flexible watertight membrane on floors and walls prior to tiling in shower areas, bathrooms, wet rooms and wet zones and other areas subject to water exposure such as balconies and partially covered external areas. Non-hazardousand solvent free. It is quick drying and tiling can commence after 24 hours.

Can be used on its own in many applications where a flexible watertight membrane is required, or in conjunction with Aquaseal Tanking Primer, Aquaseal Tanking Tape and Aquaseal Tanking Drain and Reinforcing Mat, part of the Aquaseal Wet Room System, to provide a 100% waterproof membrane to conventional plaster and timber based boards. It can be applied to all common building substrates such as plasterboard, MDF, plywood cementitious boards, blockwork, concrete & speciality wet room boards.


Can be used on most common building surfaces.

Ready to use, no diluting necessary.

Easy to apply by brush.

Non-hazardous, solvent free.

Can be tiled over after 24 hours.

Areas for Use:

For showers, wet rooms and wet zones in bathrooms

As a Tanking membrane as part of the Aquaseal Wet Room System.

As a Primer on most common buildingsurfaces.

Balconies and partially covered external areas.

Surface Preparation:

All surfaces must be clean sound and dust free.


Surfaces should be clean, dry and dust free.Prime porous and semi porous substrates with Aquaseal Tanking Primer and allow to dry for one hour before applying the paint membrane.

Apply by brush in two coats which should be applied in different directions at right angles to each other to ensure full surface coverage is achieved with no weak spots.

Apply the first coat horizontally and allow to dry for 6 -12 hours. Then apply the second coat vertically.

Pay careful attention to edges and corners to ensure that the coverage in these areas is always consistent as these are the potential weak spots where leakage could occur. We always recommend the use of Aquaseal Tanking Tape on corners and board joints prior to applying the membrane to ensure the integrity of the watertight seal. Aquaseal Tanking Tape provides cross directional movement at corners and on board joints and is available in 10 Metre rolls. The Aquaseal Tanking Drain Mat is also recommended around the drain outlet and to reinforce floors and floor joints which is the area most susceptible to leaks.

As a guide the finished two coat system, when dry, should have a minimum thickness of 1mm.

Allow the second coat to dry thoroughly for up to 12 hours before tiling.

AQWRSMEM5 Everbuild Datasheets:

Aquaseal Liquid Tanking Membrane Technical Data Sheet

Aquaseal Liquid Tanking Membrane MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild Manufacturer Aquaseal Membrane Product Page

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Everbuild Aquaseal Tanking Wet Room Instructions Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Aquaseal Tanking Wet Room Membrane Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Aquaseal Tanking Wet Room Membrane Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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