Stanley 99E Retractable Stanley Knife 2-10-099

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The Stanley Silver Retractable Knife 99E

Product Options: 2-10-099

Barcode: 3253562100993

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The Stanley 99E is the original style ofretractable trimming knife

Stanley Knife a household name also refered toas a box cutter and utility knife.

Retractable knives are used in all trade aswell as many household, DIY and leisure applications.

This knife is supplied with 3 blades which arestored in the body for safety and convenience.

Demonstration 99E You tube Video:

The Stanley blades supplied arethe standard 1992 style

Length: 155mm.

The Hi Vis body of this knife is made from all metal construction which has been die-cast in a specially engineered shape that comfortable to the hand and is suitable for long periods of use and provides the user with good control.

The blade is stored neatly in the body forsafety when not in use.

The blade can be extend in up to 5 different positions via the metal slide button on the top of the body, this allows you to perform a wider range of tasks, such as scoring as well as cutting.

Contents & Features:

5 position retractable blade for variousapplications and safety.

All metal body.

Interlocking front end to prevent blade slip.

Comfortable design.

3 blades supplied.

Uses standard 1992 or 1991 style blades otherstyles also fit this knife.

Blades store neatly into the body.


To change the blade is simple:

Undo the screw on the side with a coin or screwdriver, open the body remove the blade replace or turnover to the new edge.

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Option Colour Silver
Reference Code 2-10-099

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