Joint It 2 Part Porcelain Epoxy Pointing Grout Grey 400ml JIPEG-G

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Joint It 2 Part Porcelain Epoxy Pointing Grout Grey 400ml


Barcode 5391535770151

Joint It Grey Porcelain Epoxy Pointing Grout Grey 400ml a 2 part twin tube that uses a mixing nozzle to mix the epoxy at the point of application, used to grouting outdoor porcelain paving joints.

Joint in 2 part epoxy pointing grout needs to be applied using a manual application gun or a battery powered Application Gun the guns are designed to push the 2 part material through a mixing nozzle and into the joints.

Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout is an innovative 2-part epoxy grout specifically designed for outdoor porcelain paving with small joints between 1 and 5mm and atleast 10mm deep the epoxy grout has exceptional bonding characteristics, this product is a super strength and non-staining, non-permeable solution to grouting porcelain slab joints.

Porcelain slabs are becoming more and more popular in the garden setting and make superb extensions to your outdoor living areas.

Joint-It epoxy grout is resistant to up to 7500 PSI water pressure where the application guidelines have been followed correctly meaning thet the finished project can be pressure washed in the future for general maintenance.

Main Points:

  1. Sets Rock Hard
  2. Exceptionally High Quality Finish
  3. Anti-Mildew for 10+ years
  4. Waterproof
  5. No Mess Application
  6. Very Long Lasting & Durable
  7. Colour Fast
  8. Simple to Apply
  9. Non Staining
  10. Not Time Sensitive

Approximate Coverage:

Each tube of Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout will cover up to approximately 2 meters square, the coverage depends on the width of the joints and the size of the porcelain slab.

Any leftover product within a tube, you can put the cap back on and use within 1 month on a different patio using a new mixing nozzle readily available.

In some cases epoxy grout may initially have a slightly glossy appearance this will tone down after a few weeks to a matt natural finish.

Joint It Porcelain Epoxy Grout can be used only on a surface where the finishing scraper can be smoothly pulled across the top of the paving to scrape off the excess. It cannot be used on paving where the edge of the stone has a handcuff finish.

Applying Joint It Epoxy Grout:

Ensure paving is clean and dry and that rain is not expected before you can complete application.

Epoxy grout should not be used below 5 degree C or above 25 degree C, the paving tiles need to be laid securely with no movement in the slabs.

Apply the Joint It Anti Bonding wax to either side of the joints using the sponge provided this is an important step as this protects the slabs acting as a barrier between the grout and the slab, the anti bonding agent makes it easy to peel off the excess grout after smoothing, the areas should be waxed no more than 10 to 15 minuites before applying the epoxy grout.

Remover the twist cap from the top of the tube attach the mixing nozzle supplied with the tube, cut the noizzle with a safety Knife to the size of the paving joints, insert the tube into the application gun squeeze the trigger to force the product through the mixing nozzle discard the first 2 centimeters of product as this may not be mixed thoughrally and may have streaks in it, now the product can be used apply the product slowly making sure that there are no gaps in your gunning the product needs to rise a fraction infront of the product to make sure that there is adequate product in the joint.

10 to 15 minuites after the grout has been applied its ready for the Joint It Smoothing Tool the most comon tool is the ball end tool pull it allong the joint to firm the product and create a smooth finish.

Once the product has begun to set and feels hard to touch its time to use the Joint It Scraper or blade keeping the tool flat on the surface remove the excess product, if the grout seems sticky its not ready and needs to be given more time this is were you see the anti bonding wax coming into its own preventing product from staining and sticking to the face areas of the porcelain the epoxy grout should come away from this surface with ease, always use the blade away from you and others little pressure should be needed dont use the blade on areas that have not been waxed.

Video Demonstration How to use and apply Joint It Epoxy Grout to Porcelain slabs in your outdoor living space.

Quick note:

For best practice when coming to a cross joint use the blade at a slight angle this will prevent any maring of the new grout by the blade.

A number of finishing tools have been specifically designed to leave an even, smooth finish on the joints. The round, ball-shaped tool is best used on 3mm wide joints. The flat bar tool is best used on joints that are between 3-5mm wide.

If you are new to using this product its advisable to try on a small stretch first but if you watch the video and adhere to all the steps you will be fine.

Store your product out of full sun in an ambient, dry area.

Manufacturer Joint It
Reference Code JIPEG-G
Type 2 part epoxy porcelain slap external grade jointing grout
Size 400ml
Material 2 Part Epoxy
Colour Grey

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