Dow Corning Dowsil 785+ Bacteriostatic Silicone Sealant Trade Box of 12

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Dow Corning Dowsil 785 + Bacteriostatic Sanitary Coloured Silicone Sealant

Trade Option: Box of 12

Dow Dowsil 785 is a acetoxy, bacteria resistant silicone sealant that gives excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces.

Colours: Bahama Beige, Clear, Manhattan Grey, White and Jasmin.

The product contains fungicide to resist mould growth.

For sealing around sanitary fittings to give a water resistant hygienic seal.

Dow Corning Dowsil 785+ protects against:

Bacteria growth


E. coli


Dow Corning Dowsil 785 Plus Benefits:

Contains a High Quality fungicide to resist mould growth

+ / - 25% Joint movement capability

High modulus

Acetoxy cure

5 to 10 minutes working time

Fast cure

Tack free in one hour

100% recovery

+ 5 to + 40 deg C application temperature range.

Protects against bacteria growth, MRSA, E. coli and Salmonella.

Conforms ISO 22196 2007 - ISO 11600-F-20HM

Dow 785 + cure time cure rate at 23C or 73F 50% R.H.

1 day 3mm - 3 days 5mm

Colour Range:




Manhatton Grey

Bahama Beige

Dow Corning now Dow Dowsil Video

Dowsil Bacteria resistant Hygienic Sanitary Sealants

All Clean Room Microban and Food Safe Sealants

Option Colour White Clear Manhatton Grey Bahama Beige Jasmin
Option Text Box of 12
Reference Code 785-12
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