Sika 208 Sikaflex Adhesive Sealant Remover & Surface Cleaner

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Sika 208 Sikaflex Adhesive Sealant Remover & Surface Cleaner

Product Option 1Litre

Product Code: SA-SP208

Barcode: 4003923134001

Clear cleaning agent for surface preparation and removal of uncured adhesives and sealants.

Sika Remover 208 is used to remove traces of Sikaflex and other similar products as well as for cleaning painted substrates.

Areas of Application:

Sika Remover 208 can be used to remove uncured excess material of Sikaflex adhesive or sealant from application tools or from soiled surfaces.

It can also be used for the pre-cleaning of strongly contaminated non-porous substrates.

Sika 208 can be used to clean painted surfaces prior to bonding and sealing.

This product is suitable for professional, experienced users.

Test with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.

Method of Application:

Removal of uncured adhesive:

Remove the bulk of the Sikaflex residue with a knife or spatula.

Moisten a rag or towel with Sika Remover 208 and wipe off the remaining adhesive or sealant.

Surface cleaning:

Wipe painted surfaces with a moistened rag or towel with Sika Remover 208.

Wet the paper towel by pouring the Sika 208 onto the cloth.

Do not dip the towel into the can as theres a risk of contamination.

Wipe the surface with the wetted paper towel.

Use fresh paper towels regularly in order to maximize cleaning power and minimize recontaminating the surface.

Before the solvent evaporates, wipe off with a fresh, clean, dry paper towel.

Repeat the above process as necessary until no contaminant is visible on a clean towel.

Do not use on sensitive surfaces such as fresh paints, particularly one pack air drying paint systems.

Reseal container immediately after use.

"Read the Technical Datasheet Prior to using this product

Option Text 1 Litre
Reference Code SA-SP208
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