Ronseal Anti Mould 6 Year Paint White Silk Emulsion 750ml 36625

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Ronseal Anti Mould 6 Year ProtectionPaint White Silk Finish 750ml Tin

Product Option:RSLAMPWM750




Ronseal Anti Mould Paint protects walls andceilings from mould growth

for up to 6 Years.

The paints advanced encapsulated biocidetechnology is specifically

designed to actively prevent all common typesof mould

(including black mould)

from building up on the paint surface in areasof high condensation

and humidity such as kitchens andbathrooms.

Ronseal anti mould is Ideal for areas with highhumidity and condensation

like kitchens and bathrooms.


Only apply the Anti Mould paint in rooms thatare above 10 deg c.

Open doors and windows for added ventilationand put down a dust sheet

to protect anything you dont want to get painton.


How to preparewalls.

If your wall has mould on it, you need to getrid of this first.

Use a mould killer to remove it and DONT tryand rub it away.

This could spread mould spores to other areasof your wall or ceiling.

Use Everbuild 404 Fungicidalwash this is an important part of the procedure.

and off any loose or flaking paint or plasterso you have a smooth surface to paint.

If your planning on changing the colour of youwalls, do before applying the

Anti Mould paint.


Give the paint a thorough stir to smooth outany lumps.

Pour the tin contents into a tray and coveryour brush or roller.

Apply the paint just like you would if it was anormal emulsion.

Wait four hours for the first coat to dryand Apply the second coat.

The second coat will be dry in two hours butleave 24 hours before you

let any condensation build up in theroom.

Dont paint over the anti-mould coating as thiswill stop it from working.

Your brushes or roller can be easily cleaned inwarm soapy water.

Once dry, the coating can be cleaned in thesame manner as the rest of your wall.

Usage - Interior walls and ceilings.

Coverage - Up to 12m2 per litre.

Dry time - Touch dry in one to twohours.

Coat time - Four hours.

Number of coats - Two or more depending oncolour being covered.

Colour - White.

Finish - Matt.

Application - Brush or roller.

Option Colour Silk White
Option Text 750ml
Reference Code RSLAMPWS750

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