Prodec Wipes Multi Purpose Anti Weils & Anti Bacterial Cleaning PIHW1C

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Prodec Multi PurposeWipes 100 Wipe Tub

Anti Weils Disease &Anti Bacterial Surface Cleaning Wipes



PRODEC WIPES are specially formulated for thebuilding and allied trades

Wonder Wipes are effective as an anti-bacterialcleaning wipe inc

Viels Disease germs.

Prodec wipes also easily remove oil, greasepetrol inks and more.

The powerful cleaning agents are still kind tohands, dermatologically tested

they contain added vitamin E and aloe vera tocondition skin and prevent dryness

and cracking, there is no need to rinse handsafter use.

Cleans wet and semi-cured paints, sealants,adhesives, bitumen, grease,

polyurethanes, expanding foams, polyesterfillers and epoxies from hands,

tools and surfaces.

Take a look at the Full Range ofCleaning Products & Lubricants.

Option Text 100 wipes
Reference Code PIHW1C

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