OKeeffes Working Hands Hand Protection Repair Cream 96g 7044001

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OKeeffes Working Hands Hand Protection Repair Cream 96g Tub GRGOKWH

Barcode: 5704947001162

MPN: 7044001

OKeeffes Working Hands moisturiser is a unique formulation of moisturising ingredients guaranteed to improve the health of your skin.

It contains a high concentration of glycerin that draws in and retains moisture which is necessary for skin to heal.

Another key component is allantoin, an odourless, non-toxic and non-allergenic skin protectant derived from the Comfrey plant.

It removes dead skin cells to allow for better penetration and absorption of moisture and moisturising ingredients.

It has been designed to protect and repair hands after all, they are your most important tools!

Helps protect against dermatitis.

Suitable for Home use gardening building or mechanics anywhere you may damage your hands by dirt oil paint etc.


Apply a small amount slight stinging on severe areas may happen this is normal.

Use Okeeffes Working hands around three times a day, especially just before working and after cleaning apply before bed as well to aid in repairs to the skin.

Reference Code 7044001
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