Lighthouse Rechargeable 300 Lumens LED Sensor Headlight L/HEHEAD300R

Brand: Lighthouse Torches
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Lighthouse Head Light Rechargeable 300 Lumens LED Sensor Headlight

Real Deals For You Special Offer XMS23RECHEAD

Option L/HEHEAD300R

Barcode 5023969002675

This years real deals for you special offer from Lighthouse the Elite Rechargeable LED Headlight features spot and floodlight functions, which can generate a super bright beam of up to 480 lumens with an on/off button that cycles between spot high, spot low and floodlight modes.

This headlight offers an impressive run time of up to 10 hours and with its powerful 3.7 volt 1400mAh Li-ion battery it can be recharged time and time again.

A low power indicator notifies you when the light needs recharging.

Also has a sensor or magic non contact mode so the torch can be turned on or off by simply moving your hand across infront of the torch with out touching.

Headlamp Technical Specifications

Hands-free sensor activation

Water Resistance: IPX6

Up to 10 hours run time

Output: 300 / 90 / 250 / 480 lumens

Modes: High / Low / Flood / Both

Run Time: 3 / 10 / 3.5 / 1.45 hours

Beam Distance: 60 / 20 / 10m

Light Source: Osram P8 LED / COB LED

Power: Rechargeable 902554 1400mAh 3.7V Li-ion

Charge Time: 2-2


Simple to cycle through the different modes by simply pressing the power button hold down for a second and it operates the next mode 1 2 3 or 4 times.

By holding the button down for longer you can dim the light to your desired output with both LEDs also working independently from one another as well as together.

An optional sensor-operated mode can be activated by simply pressing the sensor button, switching the light on or off when you move your hand directly in front it.

Great for when you have gloved or dirty hands.

All these features are explained in the video below.

The Head Light can be recharged time and time again using the standard Micro USB charging cable supplied.

The low power indicator is also there to notify you when the light is in need of recharging.

The lamp head can be tilted to direct light to a certain area, and can also be fitted to an adjustable head strap designed to fit most head sizes.

The light also has a magnetic base that enables it to be attached to metal surfaces when detached from the headband making this torch much more versatile.

Waterproof to IPX6 standard and impact-rated to 1m, this head lamp is ideal for use around the home and for leisure activities such as camping, sailing,

hiking and cycling not to mention, emergencies such as car breakdowns and power cuts and for work.

Video Demonstration XMS23RECHEAD this video shows just how simple and just how many features this head lamp has.

Manufacturer Lighthouse
Reference Code L/HEHEAD300R
Real Deals For You Code Real Deals For You Special Offer XMS23RECHEAD
Special Features 480 lumen
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Lighthouse Rechargeable LED Sensor Headlight HEHEAD300R Information Sheet Download Attachment
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