LEDLENSER MT6 Advanced 600 Lumen LED Lenser Torch Inc Belt Case 500845

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LEDLENSER MT6 Professional 600 Lumen Torch LED Lenser Torch

Includes Premium Belt Case

Barcode: 4058205007566

MPN: Led Lenser 500845

MT6 Ultra bright elegant and handy this is an exceptional torch from ledlenser

Easy to use but still has all the features.

Advanced Focus System.

Suitable for users in harsh and demanding environments such as the security,

military, trade engineering, machinery maintenance, and the construction industry, as well a number of domestic and leisure activities.

The LED Lenser MT6 has a maximum output of 600 lumens from a single Xtreme white LED.

LED Lenser renowned as one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of torches in the world.

This Outdoor torch was specifically developed and engineered to create a flashlight to perform exceptionally well in the most demanding circumstances.

Demonstration Video of the LED Lenser Tactical torches

Powered by three AA alkaline Duracell batteries the MT6 offers three brightness settings and strobe, which are available in three pre-set selectable modes.

The torch comes preset in mode 1, which cycles through in the order of high, mid low and off with each press.

Mode 2 cycles through the settings in the opposite direction of low, mid, high and off.

Finally mode 3 cycles through the brightness settings the same as mode 1 except when the torch is on in any mode.

You can press and hold the button to activate the strobe setting.

Switching between modes is simple and is done by holding down the button while the torch is off.

While holding the button the light will blink once to indicate mode 1 after 10 seconds, blink twice to indicate mode 2 after 13 seconds

and blink three times to indicate mode 3 after 16 seconds.

Once you have reached the setting you desire, release the button and the light will stay in this mode until you change it again.

The MT6 also features a lock out mode to prevent accidental activation when not in use and can be activated the same way as changing modes,

Except you hold the button for 19 seconds until the light blinks four times.

To come out of lock out mode, hold the button for 5 seconds until the light blinks once.

An integrated power indicator in the switch of the torch indicates remaining battery power by displaying a green, yellow or red light.

This will automatically happen when you insert the batteries or you can access it any time by holding the button for two seconds while the torch is off.

The advanced focus system allows you to focus the light from spot to flood by sliding the head of the torch forwards and backwards.

On the highest setting when focused into a spot, with a fresh set of batteries, the MT6 can throw the beam up to 260 metres range

Perfect for activities such as camping or fishing and comes with a handy lanyard Supplied with a heavy duty nylon pouch for easy carrying that will fit onto any belt

it also has a velcro strap that is also secured by a heavy snap button this allows for the pouch to be removed without undoing the trouser belt, but still secure so you wont loose it.

Manufacturer Led Lenser
Reference Code 500845
Battery Capacity 3 x AAA Not Supplied
Light Source White LED
Lumens 600 Lumens
Range 260 meters

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