ForgeFix Lightning Concrete Masonry Torx Screw Bolt M6 130mm 10pk

Brand: ForgeFix
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ForgeFix LightningTorx Screw Bolt M6 x 130mm Box of10

Product Option: 10LGB6130T



Forgefix M6 130mm Torx Head Grey Elementech 1000 Lightning Bolt screw is totallyremovable and cuts its own thread in masonry and concrete, simplypilot dill with the recomended drill bit and wind the bolthome.

The bolts Elementech coatinggives superior anti-corrosion, which has been salt spray tested to1,000 hours.

Medium to heavy-duty, thread forminganchor.

Ideal for either temporary or permanentanchoring into base materials

Including brick, concrete, hollow brick orblock work.

Flange head acts as a fixed washer,distributing the load under the bolt head.

The Lightning Bolt is particularly well suitedfor close to edge or fixing,

as it does not expand and burst the surroundingbase material.

It is through fixing, eliminating the need formarking and re-positioning.

Simply drill through fixture and into the baseand simply screw and tighten.

Lightning Bolt DemonstrationVideo:


Widely used for fixing batons, balustrades,handrails, racking and holding down machinery, Window & DoorFitting plus many more installation applications.

Ensure the correct Torx drive insert bit isused for best installation results.

Offers excellent resistance tocorrosion.

By design, TORX head screws resist cam-out muchbetter than Phillips or Slotted screws. TORX head sizes aredescribed using the capital letter T, followed by a number. Asmaller number corresponds to a smaller point-to-point dimension ofthe screw head. Only the proper driver can drive a specific headsize without risk of ruining the driver or screw.

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