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Our online selection of Masonry and Concrete Fixings will help you in the most rigorous and high-demand of construction projects. Whether you're hanging furniture to the walls, fixing hooks for hanging baskets, or embarking on a more complex job, you'll find the right fixing solution here today. We've worked hard to bring you everything you need to work confidently and stick to a budget too.

Click through and shop for the right masonry and concrete fixing to suit your project. These ForgeFix lighting screw bolts are recognised within the industry for their strength and versatility. Our online range is where you'll find chemical anchor fixings that create a watertight bond with an airtight seal, drop-in concrete anchor for permanent fixings, and shield anchors that are ideally suited for heavy-duty applications. You'll discover flanged hex head bolts with in-built washer alternatives to distribute loads evenly alongside Torx and hex thread forming bolts that require no previous drilling before fitting. Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to work with brick or concrete, including sleeve anchors, through-bolt masonry fixings, and everything else you may need to create strong, reliable bonds.

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Fixman Self Expanding Suspension Ceiling Anchor Fixing 10pk 561189

Fixman Self Expanding Suspension Ceiling Anchor Fixing 10pk 561189

£1.72 £1.19 £1.43  Inc. VAT