Forgefix Hex Nut Sleeve Anchor Masonry Fixing M16 147mm 5SA16147 5pk

Brand: ForgeFix
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Forgefix M16 x 147mm Hex Nut Sleeve Anchor Masonry Fixing Bag 5

Barcode: 5028485026754

Code: 5SA16147


Forgefix Sleeve Anchor through fixings

Easy to use and speedy ininstallation.

Their sleeve wedge cones are designed to give maximum expansion

even in shallow anchoring depths.

Reduced outside sleeve diameter compared to thread size for smaller hole sizes.

Offers reduced stress in base masonry materials, concrete. brick, blockwork & stone.

The anchors are Zinc Yellow Passivated for increased corrosion resistance.

Offers easier fixture removal or repositioning due to the bolt remaining in the sleeve.

Also known as Projection Bolt sleeve anchors.

Sleeve Anchor Applications:

Widely used for fixing balustrades, handrails,racking and holding down machinery, etc.


M16 Sleeve anchors should be used with a 16mm masonry bit.

18mm bolt head.

102mm mm maximum thickness of material to be anchored.

Minimum Hole Depth 65mm.

Option Text M16 147mm
Reference Code FORSA16147M 5SA16147

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