Forgefix Black Sliding Padlock Brenton Bolt 200mm 8 inch FGEPBLTBLK8

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ForgefixBlack 200mm 8inch Sliding PadlockBrenton Bolt




Forgefix Padlock Bolt or Brenton Bolts are usedto secure gates, or doors which require locking with a padlock forhigher security applications.

The Forge padlock bolt is designed for heavyduty use with a strong steel bolt and locking collar.

The FGEPBLTBLK8 Padlock BrentonBolt

Has the followingspecifications

Bolt Length: Approximately 200mm.

Finish: Black powder coated body.


Position the padlock bolt in the desiredposition and mark screwholes with a pencil.

Drill holes using a 6mm drill bit and use thescrews provided to fasten in place.

Position the keep, and ensure that the boltmoves freely through the hole. Mark hole positions, drill and fixin place.

Comes complete with fixings and fittinginstructions.

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