Fixman Rubber Washer Mixed Pack In Case 961227

Brand: Fixman UK
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Fixman Mixed Size Rubber Washers in Organiser

Code: 961227

Barcode: 5024763163913

Pack of 120 Fixman rubber washers have a wide range of uses in the home and workplace.

Excellent assortment of flat rubber washers for a wide range of mechanical engineering and plumbing tasks.

Creates tension between components and provides a watertight seal to reduce risk of leakage, as well as dampening vibration and preventing damage between moving parts.

Rubber washers for plumbing and vehicular applications.

Can be use as buffers and packers.

Includes plastic storage organiser case.

Approximate contents and Sizes:

10 x rubber washer (ID) 14.5mm x (OD) 24.5mm x (W) 2mm.

20 x rubber washer (ID) 11.5mm x (OD) 23.5mm x (W) 2mm.

20 x rubber washer (ID) 10mm x (OD) 19mm x (W) 1.8mm.

30 x rubber washer (ID) 6mm x (OD) 14mm x (W) 1mm.

40 x rubber washer (ID) 5mm x (OD) 10mm x (W) 1mm.

What are rubber washers used for:

Rubber washers are flat rubber rings with center holes to accommodate fasteners or allow fluids to pass through the centre if required.

Rubber washers prevent leaks, protect surfaces, and dampen vibration in a variety of applications.

Can be used in compression style plumbing fittings such as washing machine hoses, can also be used as a dampening washer.

By adding a steel washer under a bolt head or screw head then the rubber washer you can create protection for fragile items being fitted, such as car body components plastic number plates grills etc.

Reference Code 961227

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