Blue Spot Copper Washer Assortment Set 110 Pieces 40506

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BlueSpot Tools 110 Piece Copper Washer Assortment Set

Barcode: 5028734405064

Product Option: 40506


The BlueSpot 110 Piece Assorted Copper Washer Set is ideal for

replacing drain plug washers and are well suited for outdoor applications

where weather exposure is a factor,

they can also be used in low-pressure hydraulic systems.

Includes handy carrying case for quick and convenient storage and identification.

Contains 110 assorted copper washers.

They are suitable for a wide range of applications set features a wide variety

of the most popular sizes.

Drain plug seals, pneumatic systems, agricultural, Automotive domestic and

industrial use.

Suitable for annealing.

Approximate Contents:

30 x 6mm

25 x 8mm

20 x 10mm

15 x 11mm

10 x 12mm

10 x 16mm

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Reference Code 40506

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