Everbuild Linseed Oil Boiled Wood Treatment 500ml BOILLIN

Brand: Everbuild
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Everbuild Boiled Linseed Oil Wood Treatment 500ml


Barcode: 5029347601775

EVERBUILD Boiled Linseed oil A Traditional wood treatment

Used to replace the natural sheen in aged & tired wood.

Quicker drying than raw linseed oil

May also be used with mastic sand to make a trowel grade pointing mastic.

Can be used on multiple surfaces terracotta metal wood.

Brings an absolutely amazing finish to old rusting metal.

Product Benefits:

Suitable for internal or external use.

Gives wood a natural finish.

Works on most types of unpolished timbers.

Can be used to make a traditional pointing mastic.

Product Application:

Ensure surfaces are clean sound dry and free from polish or paint.

Apply liberally with a cloth or brush until wood is saturated.

Remove excess with a cloth after saturation.

Clean brushes white spirit or Similar.

Product BOILLIN Information:

Everbuild Boiled Linseed Oil Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Boiled Linseed Oil MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Manufacturer Everbuild Boiled Linseed Oil Product Page

Option Colour Natural
Option Text 500ml
Reference Code BOILLIN
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Everbuild Boiled Linseed Oil Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Boiled Linseed Oil Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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