Plastic Paint Kettle Bucket 1.5 Litre Container inc Lid

Brand: Sealants and Tools Direct
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Plastic Paint Kettle Bucket Container inc Lid

Product Option: 1.5 Litre

MPN: 5L002-1L003

1.5 liter plastic Paint Kettle Bucket.

Made from polypropylene making it easy to clean.

Can be used with all types of paint and wallpaper paste and liquids.

Can also be used for many other uses holding nails, screws and small tools for storage and when working at a height.

Mixing paints and epoxys.

Using the correct size paint kettle is an important thing, using a smaller paint kettle for instance with gloss and solvent based paints means less surface area so less evaporatio

less skining of the paints and stains keeping the exposed paint fresh and to the correct consistancy and a much better finish to that decorating job.

Option Text 1.5 Litre
Reference Code 5L002-1L003

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