Everbuild B2 Firefoam Gun Grade Expanding 2hr Fire Foam B2FIREGUN

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Everbuild B2 2hr Fire Expanding Foam Gun Grade

Barcode: 5029347600464


Single Pack option of Everbuild B2 firefoam Gun Grade Expanding Fire foam it a quick setting one part polyurethane foam with B2 2 hour fire resistance properties.

The foam expands on application to up to 50 times its original volume

2 hour fire protection in the correct configuration see the technical data sheet that can be downloaded here for more information.

Product Benefits:

High degree of fire rating

Slows down the passage of flames and smoke

Quick setting can be cut or sawn

Economical in use

Expands up to 50 times its original volume.

Possesses insulating and acoustic properties.


Gaps around pipe entries through fire rated walls

Provides a fire rated seal around window and door frames

Electrical chasing where a fire rating is required.

Any area where fire or smoke can breach

How to use gun grade expanding foam Video Demonstration

B2FIREGUN Datasheets:

Everbuild B2 Fire Foam Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Manufacturer B2 Fire Foam Product Page

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Option Text Single Pack
Reference Code B2FIREGUN
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Everbuild B2 Fire Foam Gun Grade Instructions Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild B2 Fire Foam Gun Grade safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild B2 Fire Foam Hand And Gun Test Report Download Attachment

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